Conference Call 09.15.2015

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Conference Call 09.10.2015

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Conference Call 09032015

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Here is the audio from our abbreviated call tonight.



What’s the deal, Facebook?

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Facebook would not allow me to post the mp3 file of our conference call. What’s up with that?


Seven No Trump

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A recent poll taken in Iowa shows Donald Trump in second place among evangelical voters. The poll included a very small sample of potential voters and has a large margin of error. Even beyond that, I find it hard to believe given Trumps comments at the Family Leader Summit in Iowa on July 18th.

Mr. Trump demonstrates no knowledge of the faith in spite of calling himself a Christian. His response shows he has no understanding of Grace, doesn’t understand the Lord’s Supper and the concept of repentance and redemption is foreign to him.
The last time someone came claiming to be a Christian but denying its tenets, we got Obama. Anyone want to take that chance again.


Huckabee on Candidates in Office

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ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos


50 Years After Kennedy

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The question of my generation is “Where were you when JFK was shot?” The event was traumatic in itself. But more than that, it seemed to be the starting gun for a decade of disaster that included unimaginable tragedy … assassinations, riots, martial law, sit-ins just to name a few. The political and social landscape of the United States has done a complete 180° in those 50 years. And perhaps the most profound change is in the way we view our federal government and they way our federal government views us.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy is remembered as challenging us on many levels. As I sit and type I cannot help but reflect on the many benefits I currently enjoy because of JFK and the space program he championed. My computer, the internet I will publish this article on, digital phones, cameras and so many other products grew out of our race for space. And that race had no stronger proponent that Kennedy, who challenged us to go to the moon and beyond and set the timeline for doing so.

Today social media has been flooded with Kennedy quotes but I have not seen what may be the most important one of all. In his inaugural address following being sworn in as the President, he challenged America with the following words:

“And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country
can do for you — ask what you can do for your country.”

He called us to service in our communities and in the world. He encouraged us to be the best we could be and give the best of ourselves to our fellowmen. Now we are constantly told by politicians that we deserve to be given many things. When I compare John F. Kennedy and the challenges he issued to the current president and the empty promises he makes, I know how far we have come from the days of our innocence and idealism.

Oh yeah, where was I when Kennedy was shot? In school, studying civics, of all things. 😛


Aft Agley …..

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Like mice and men, my plans for the day went awry …

OK … you don’t know Robert Burns? Look up “To A Mouse” … I guess a poet can find inspiration anywhere. But I digress … 😀

Today I had a list of things I wanted to do … and my list led to doing other things I hadn’t planned. But I launched Uhnigmuh and worked on eliminating spam from my other sites. Anyone trying to post or comment will now have to validate with Captcha … at least this will eliminate the bots. Having been hacked by Russsians on one site, we now are seeing lots of spam from China. Any more of this and I will just start closing blogs. That sounds harsh, but I host these sites as a free service to the site owners. I don’t have the time, money or expertise to wage war in cyberspace.



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Have we willingly surrendered our ability to communicate and understand the issues that separate and unite us? It seems we only scratch the surface with tweets and short snappy Facebook posts that never delve into the reasons for our positions. We don’t want facts and explanations, only talking points. With more ways that ever to communicate, it seems that we are becoming a generation of non-communicators.

Worse than that, we don’t really care. We don’t seem to want to understand why someone holds a position other than ours and we don’t seem to respect their right to do so. If they don’t agree and march in lockstep with us, we demonize them. We keep our relationships at a superficial level and  our solution for those who don’t agree with us is to “un-friend” them. It’s a sad commentary on our society and on those of us who call ourselves by the name of Jesus.


Bent Communication Key

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I am reminded again today how important communication is. Of course, I was reminded by failure … not the first time it has happened, but still …. so here is my response, both then and now …

On Challenges, Risks & Rewards

Did I really write what you thought you read?
Was my critical tone only heard in your head?
By taking offense could you disregard?
The challenge I raised? Was it really that hard?

So many meanings for each little word
Each little noun, adjective, verb
Words grouped together expressing new thoughts
Heard only by those who choose to listen

….. pte, 1998

There was more … but this expresses my feelings adequately. Guess I need to work harder on my communication skills.

Unexcused Absence

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I cannot believe it has been this long since I wrote here. I could excuse it by mentioning that I have a daily journal where I write almost every day … or that I spend too much time on FaceBook … both of which are true. But dei has served an important purpose since its inception and I find it hard to excuse my laziness. I will reform!


Pastor Plus

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Hey PM … remember this?



Fellowship of the Unashamed

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The Fellowship of the Unashamed


Who says they are elite?

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Mark Greer has posted a great article over at Wise Republic … check it out:

Who Needs a Primary? We’ve Got the Media!



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Ray Comfort has produced a thought provoking film. See how he shares an important message about abortion, the holocaust of our time.

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